Our Mission & About ALCS

Mission Statement:

"Academic Leadership Charter School’s mission is to develop in students the ability to exceed NYS performance standards in all major academic areas in a safe and nurturing environment. In partnership with parents and the community, our students will be empowered to become leaders and take an active role in their learning while exhibiting good character."

About ALCS:

Our school opened in the South Bronx in September of 2009 with 150 Kindergarten and First Grade students. In the 2013-2014 school year we will serve 350 students in grades K-5. Through a commitment to broad-based education for all students — ranging from the basics of reading and mathematics to fine arts and technology — we teach the next generation of community leaders. We depend on the full commitment of our students, their parents, our teachers, and the administration. Through the partnership of these groups, our school provides a better future for our students, shaping them into individuals and leaders in our community.

Academic Leadership Charter School offers a rigorous curriculum that satisfies all New York State Standards, including an extended day which provides our students with four periods of literacy daily. We believe that having a strong foundation in reading and writing, as well as a well-rounded vocabulary, is the key to academic success. We aim for 80% of our students to perform at Levels 3 and 4 on their New York State assessments.

There are two teachers in every classroom, a Lead Teacher and a Teacher Associate. The presence of two certified teachers gives each student a more individualized education. One teacher may work with a small group of students on a certain skill, while the lead teacher focuses on a different topic with the rest of the class. In addition, other teachers "push in" to the classroom to provide further support.

We have high expectations for everyone in the ALCS community. We expect our students and teachers to work hard in the classroom and we expect our families to work with their children on a daily basis, reading with them at home and helping them study for their assessments. Together, we will help our students become tomorrow's leaders.
Created on 7/26/2013 - Last updated on 1/4/2016