Academic Leadership Charter School prides itself on its rigorous academic schedule. Each day, students receive four periods of literacy, two periods of math, and science, social studies, and either gym, art, drama/movement or Spanish.


A typical day looks like this:


7:15-7:40:           Breakfast

7:45-8:00:           Enrichment

8:00-8:45:           Literacy

8:45-9:30:           Literacy/Story Analysis

9:30-10:15:         Literacy Workshop

10:15-11:00:       Writing

11:00-11:45:       Mathematics

11:45-12:35:       Lunch and Recess

12:35-1:25:        Mathematics

1:25-2:10:          Special (Spanish/Gym/Art)

2:15-3:00:          Social Studies

3:00-3:50:          Science

3:50-4:00           Homework and Dismissal


Created on 2/2/2011 - Last updated on 07/21/2016