What is a Charter School

What Is A Charter School?

A charter school is a free public school that accepts students via an admissions lottery. Charter schools are more flexible than other public schools in how they develop their curriculum and structure their day. For example, ALCS has an extended day, including four periods of literacy every day. Students in other NYC public schools only receive one to two periods of literacy a day. Our principal has more control over the curriculum, and we have two teachers in every classroom.
Charter schools are a choice. Parents choose to enroll their children in charter schools like ALCS instead of in their local public school. Parents support charter schools because they provide more options for a strong education. Charter schools hire excellent teachers, who we hold very accountable for student performance. ALCS is proud of its data-driven academic program, meaning that we meticulously record and track student performance on assessments.
New York City and State hold charter schools accountable for their performance, and charter schools must show a certain level of mastery every five years in order to remain open. We have a large goal to meet, and charter schools like ALCS receive $2000 less per-pupil than other New York City public schools.
Charter schools are special because of their unique academic program and strong teaching faculty. Academic Leadership Charter School is known for its rigorous, literacy-based curriculum and for its hard-working, idealistic teachers.
Created on 2/9/2011 - Last updated on 9/13/2013